Week 3 Wrap Up

We're wrapping up our third week of school.  Things are continuing to go pretty well.  We're still working on some "attitude adjustments", but we're way ahead of last year.  Progress, right?!  We did take Labor Day off and spent time with family.  Yay!  I also had a sweet treat last weekend by spending time with a high school friend at the Auburn/Clemson.  Had a great time!

I wanted to share some highlights of homeschooling from our week.  Audrey has a strong interest in Art.  She takes a supplemental class outside of home.  And, we are introducing Art this year at home.  Right now I am using a fabulous set of Usborne Art flashcards.  We're going through them each week and focusing on one at a time to recreate.  As we were at Hobby Lobby over the weekend, Audrey walked by some frames and got soooo excited when she found one of the paintings we've been studying.  Then we had to go through all of the unframed artwork to see which ones she recognized.  Fun times!!  I love that she is learning and the excitement she gets when she does.  =)  Another selfish plus from homeschooling is that Mama is learning, too.  =)  We have so much fun with our art projects.  And, I'm reading books that I never read as a kid. Admittedly, I've never read Charlotte's Web.  (Gasp!) No worries though - Audrey & I are reading it together!

Our oil pastels of "Nafea Faaipoipo" by Gauguin

Ya'll know I'm all for creative discipline and I've had to try some out this week, thanks to a blog post I found on Pinterest.  Occasionally, Audrey shows her anger by stomping her feet.  This time after stomping her feet all the way upstairs when something didn't go her way, she was sent outside on the front porch to stomp her feet for 5 minutes.  The next infraction will result in 10 minutes and will be increased by 5 minutes each time there after.  So far, no more issues!  =)  Now to work on that overly dramatic screaming at her sister.  (Always something, right?)

Here we go again, friends.  I joined Weight Watchers this week.  It worked once before when I went on my own.  Now I have a group for accountability so we're going to go all.the.way!  We had our first weigh in Tuesday (blah).  We'll actually be attending a Monday morning session, so  I'll start posting my weekly weight loss on Mondays.

On a final note, my hubby has FINALLY started his own blog.  Right now he's sharing some tutorials on DIY hammock making (for all of you who loved our school room hammocks).  Check him out here.


  1. I was just thinking the other day how much I am learning from Sarah Hazel's homeschooling. I never knew the story behind Yankee Doodle until last week. I've learned more about American History in the past month than I did in all of my school years. Seriously!

    No surprise that Sarah Hazel is art obsessed too. She is a mini Audrey after all!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I just added your web page to my bookmarks. I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you!

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