First Quarter - Check!

Hi, friends!  Happy October!  My favorite month of the year.  I love the cool fall weather, changing colors, and falling leaves.  (Ok, my birthday may have something to do with it, too.  lol)  I LOVE decorating for fall.  We totally splurged on a Halloween decoration (which we don't normally decorate for).  But, we love pirates and found one of those big lawn blow up pirate ships (Yeehaw!).  I swore I'd never put one of those things in my yard, but I love it.  LOL  (I'll take a pic tomorrow since I finally found my camera battery and am charging it now).  I'm still looking for the perfect wreath to hang on the door.  I may just have to hop over to Pinterest and find one to make myself.  =)

I'm feeling better.  Don't know if I shared earlier, but I had my third bout of Pink Eye in six weeks.  My face broke out terribly with knots, bumps, and splotches.  Turns out I had some sort of viral infection that seemed to overtake my left side.  (Several people said it looked like Shingles.)  Finished up my last dose of meds today and am starting to look more normal.  lol  Other than that, I'm just feeling a little run down.  I've had some emotional ups and downs.  I hate losing my patience with the kids, but I feel overly sensitive lately.  Don't know if its the virus, hormones, meds, or what - but it's not pretty.  I've had a hard time balancing everything the last week or so.  Story of my life, huh?  We're working some things out though and it really helps.  Hubby has committed to taking care of dinner every night.  It takes a great load off my shoulders.  He's an amazing cook and enjoys it.  I am incredibly grateful for that!!  I do all the other "stuff", but we are going to have a housekeeper start coming in once a month.  I'm super excited about that!  I just need a little helping hand here and there.  Between homeschooling, the kids, their activities, and church commitments - I just need a little fresh air.  What a blessing it will be!!

We are a quarter of the way through school.  Can you even believe it?!  I think we've found our groove. We still have our ups and downs, but that's part of the parent/child relationship as much as it is teacher/student.  We'll be finishing up our first I Can Read It book this week, as well as our first full unit (10 lessons) in Math.  That's exciting!!  We're still slowly catching up on Science.  She still loves her Bible and history stories.  Again, still not doing well with the spelling, but we're enjoying a great free website a friend recommended:  Check it out!  It has some great games to play using their spelling words.  We may start adding in the Sign Language soon, too.

We did get some disheartening news today that I thought I'd share.  I know it could be worse, but I'm honestly a little bummed.  Audrey had her repeat EEG a couple of weeks ago.  We were hopeful that she had outgrown the Epilepsy, but the seizure activity has actually increased.  The test shows that even on medication she is having seizures in her sleep, when she takes deep breaths, and now with certain lights.  We now have to be cautious of places with strobe lights, as well as monitor her television & computer exposure.  She can't sit too close to screens or watch in the dark (which isn't good for you anyway).  Her medicine is going to be slightly increased.  And, she we will have to continue the meds and monitoring for two more years before they'll retest her.  Again, I know that it could be so much worse.  We're truly blessed that we're able to treat this and keep it under control.  Please continue to pray with us that it will eventually go away completely.


  1. I hate that she is still having seizures =( I'll for sure keep praying for her!

    Congrats on the first quarter! You are an amazing mom and a huge inspiration to me!

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