July 2011

Excuse me while I break a major blog rule by "cleaning out the cobwebs" and posting an update.  Give me the rest of the month and I'll be back to my regular blogging!  Seriously, haven't had time to do much of anything with the summer schedule we've had.  I'll share a few updates and pictures for you.  Thanks for being patient with me as we close some chapters and open some new ones in the weeks to come.

Derek started his new dream job a week and a half ago.  He now works from home with several upcoming travel ventures ahead.  Working from home has presented a few changes in and of itself.  The way our basement is laid out needs to be altered.  We have one large room where the girls play (and I scrapbook).  We have a large hallway, not really a room, that houses our bookshelves and storage, and there are 2 separate smaller rooms for offices.  There are no doors, only pass throughs - atleast until now.  We have added a wall between Derek's office and my office/classroom.  There's still some work to be done, but hopefully we will have it finished this weekend so I can begin painting and decorating in preparation for the new school year!  He will also be adding a door to his other office entrance.  It is currently open to the playroom and bathroom, so the girls cannot be downstairs in their room when he is working.  Again, hoping to get that built this weekend!  So grateful for a handy, knowledgeable husband who can build things!  ;)

Audrey had her adenoids and tonsils removed two weeks ago.  They also had to take out her loose tooth... her first!  So, she came out missing a few parts.  lol  When they say it takes 14 days to recover, they mean 14 days!  Seriously!  They had it all laid it out day by day what to expect and she was pretty textbook.  For almost 14 days she was begging for pain meds 3 1/2-4 hours regularly.  Then suddenly by the 14th, 15th day - she was totally fine!  I, myself, had planned to get a lot accomplished during her recovery time - knowing that Maddie would be spending a few days with her grandparents so we could focus more on Audrey.  However, I got sick the night we got home from the hospital - and was laid out over a week myself.  We were a mighty sad bunch around here for a couple of weeks.  lol

Happy Birthday, Audrey - and her first lost tooth

For Audrey's birthday, she chose 2 friends to go to Sweet & Sassy for manicures.  How cute are they?

Audrey also turned 6, just two days after her surgery.  She was baptized two days before her surgery.  She has had a big 3 weeks!

We just finished up our first week of VBS.  We had nearly 1400 kids.  It was truly an amazing week!  We have one more next week with about the same number of kids.  I can't wait to see how next week goes!  I am teaching music this year and it is totally up my alley!  There are those that have the gift of teaching in a classroom and there are those that do not.  I would be a member of the later.  But, I will say I'm totally in my element with the music and loving every minute of it!  God is using this ministry in such a big way.  I'm anxious to hear all the reports after next week.
My VBS music room (minus the light up Broadway sign). We're doing Big Apple Adventure, so this is my Broadway stage.

One of the hallways.  Some people are just so crafty!

Big Apple Adventure 2011 VBS - our sanctuary

So, what is everyone doing fun this summer?!  We have spent some serious time in the pool this year.  My girls LOVE to play in the water.  And, honestly, it has been so hot - that's really the only thing to do.  Maddie would rather be outside than ANYTHING and it is just too hot do anything outside of hanging in the pool.  And, no way am I letting my kiddos in the pool without 100% supervision, so I've pretty much stayed with them IN the pool.  My poor house... it's so neglected and dirty.  LOL  That's ok.  My kids will only be small for a short time.  I have truly tried this summer to put myself aside and focus on them.  We have done some serious playing this summer.  :)

That's about it for us.  I'm gearing up for VBS week 2 and then heading to the Southeastern Homeschool Convention the next week.  I'm trying to get everything together.  I'm so excited!!  Hope you're all enjoying your summer.  =)


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