My brain is a big ball of mush today.  So many thoughts running through my head.  I'm just trying to get them all organized so that I can transfer them into words to type.  :)

My first thought - and one that has been heavy on my heart for a few days - is just how fragile and short this life is.  I have had such overwhelming sadness for a sweet friend.  She lost her husband, who turned 41 a couple of weeks ago, after a 5 year battle with cancer.  They have 3 young children ages 6, 7, & 13.  Although I did not know her husband very well and am still in the early stages of my own friendship with her, I've had the pleasure of working with her children at church the past year.  We've even kept their dog a few days while he was in the hospital.  I cannot fathom what this family is going through.  My heart aches for her and those precious babies.  I remember fondly watching this sweet couple most Sunday mornings sitting together on the front row and praying together at the altar.  What an inspiration!  What incredible people!  The first time I really met him and spoke with him other than Hi and Bye when dropping off his kiddos, was a mission trip to a homeless shelter a few months ago.  He was so warm and friendly.  And, seriously, one of the funniest guys ever!

I don't know if any of you have had the chance to read Heaven is for Real, but I strongly suggest it.  It is about a little boy's encounter in Heaven when he was very sick.  I know there are plenty of skeptics out there, but this child could not have known such details had he not been there.  One of the most amazing things to me was that over several years he revealed so many details and talked of all the different people he met, yet when asked how long he was in Heaven, his response was "3 minutes" (or was it 30 seconds?).  In any case, it just reminds us that we put time in a box and our life is but a blink of an eye in comparison to the eternity that awaits us. 

I guess I will end my post there.  I'll continue to organize all my other thoughts and share with you plans as we get closer to our new school year.  We are currently working on a small construction job in the basement, getting ready to attend a conference,  and purchase curriculum all while D settles into his new job and travels across the country.  Good night, friends.  Hug your loved ones a little tighter tonight.


  1. I have that book in my library cue. I can't wait to read it!

    Prayers for your friend and her children. <3

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