Updates and Issues

Just a quick update.  Work is going well.  The hours fly by very quickly.  I'm working non-stop while I'm there.... one of the beauties of working part time, I suppose.  I go in, do what needs to be done, and leave.  However, I'm still in the process of getting things caught up and organized, so I actually don't have enough time to get it all done.  I joked with my boss Monday and asked, "Are you sure this is a part time job?"  He laughed and said he really didn't know.  For now, I'm grateful for the extra hours. 

I need some advice, friends.  Maddie is acting out a bit right now and regressing by acting like a baby.  Apparently, she's only doing it when I'm around.  I don't know if it is because I am working now and away from home more or if it's those dreaded 3's that her sister went through.  Speaking of Audrey, she's still lashing out at Maddie some.  Both of the girls are so much better apart.  :(  When Audrey comes home from school and Maddie isn't home, she's so sweet and well behaved.  But, if Maddie is home, she comes in with a chip on her shoulder and is mouthy to everybody.  Derek also says that Audrey acts better when I'm not around.  It's breaking my heart.  I'm obviously the common denominator, but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.  :(  I try to love on each of them equally, but in the past Maddie has required more attention simply because she was a baby.  But, now that she's older and more independent, I'm able to spend more time with Audrey.  In any case, there's an obvious jealousy issue and I've played a part in it.  I need to fix it.  Advice??

Finally, please keep our family in your prayers.  Derek's grandfather, Paw, has been sent to Hospice.  He has about 2 weeks left with us.  It is going to be a difficult time.  I'm worried, too, about Audrey.  I want to start preparing her now.  She's been praying for "Paw to walk again so he can go home."  Please pray for her heart and that we say the right words to help her understand. 


  1. Maybe some children's books about losing loved ones would help prepare her? I would talk to the children's minister at your church too to see if there is any extra suggestions he/she can offer. I do hate that for you all. I know all too well what it's like to have someone you love in Hospice. You wake up everyday wondering if they made it though the night and if this will be the day.
    As for the attitudes. It sounds like possibly two things are going on and maybe feeding off each other. Maddie has reverted back to being babyish because she does not have as much time with you. Audrey sees that Maddie acting babyish gets your attention which spawns some jealousy and causes her to get some attitude with you. Does that make sense you think? I can't tell you how to fix that though because I have a similar situation right now with SH. I think she is starting to pick up on Cam's needs a little bit and she is now acting like a baby for attention. It drives me crazy! We all just try to do the best for our kids but it seems like no matter how hard we try, we can't win! If you find a solution, let me know.

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