Trip to PA

Creek behind the B&B
We stayed in the furthest building.
Derek & I got away for a long weekend for his best friend's wedding.  We had a great time!  Despite the fact that I don't really enjoy flying, the traveling was pretty nice.  We left very early Friday morning and flew into Philadelphia.  We drove into New Jersey for lunch at a place Derek found on Food Network (had been on Throw Down with Bobby Flay).  Boy, was that an adventure!  It helps to put the right place in the GPS.  lol  And, toll roads?!  Crazy expensive!  I'm pretty sure we spent more on tolls than we did food - and we only drove a couple hundred miles.  Also, first time I ever had to pay to pee.  lol  Had to pay $1 to get off the road and had to put a quarter in the bathroom door to use it.  It was worth it though after drinking 2 diet cokes at lunch.  Ha!!! 

Anyway, we drove about 3 hours to our bed and breakfast location.  We stayed in the Pump House B&B.  Very neat place.  It was featured in "This Old House" in 2004.  There is a main house that Doug & Marika live in (and serve breakfast in the sunroom).  They renovated it a few years ago.  And, there is another house next door that they are currently working on.  One of the old pump house buildings has been renovated and houses a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom in the back.  The majority of the building is an open area that they use as a reception room for weddings, but mainly use it as Doug's studio.  The other pump house has a room and then the rest if used for storage and work space.  He's an amazing artist.  He does stained glass, tile, sculptures, painting... you name it.  It's displayed all over the buildings.  Very cool!   The first night we stayed we were the only guests.  The second morning we shared breakfast with some other guests - a lady and her mother.  Turns out her mother, who had to have been in her 80's, had lived at the house as a child.  Her dad was in charge of the pump house.  So, it was really cool to hear her talk about the way things use to be.  Beautiful place!  Oh, and Doug cooked breakfast.  YUM!  Fresh squeezed apple juice, yummy fruit smoothie, homemade scones, sausage links, and breakfast casserole.  YUMMmmm

D & Me
Ok, so the wedding.  We went to a party Friday night where we got to spend time with the bride, groom, family, and Chris & Michelle.  Oh, but not before a quick stop to Wal-Mart because Derek did not pack anything but shorts & tee-shirt for 58 degree weather.  (Derek's best friends from childhood are "big Chris" and "little Chris".)  We say this respectively b/c big Chris is 6'6ish and little Chris (the groom) is 5'6ish).  =)  We had such a great time with everybody!  Stayed up late visiting and catching up.  Saturday morning we met them all for coffee after breakfast (since ours was included).  We took off with Chris & Michelle in search of a particular Farmers Market which turned out to be an old barn with two vendors.  Haha!  Enjoyed the road trip nonetheless.  Saturday afternoon the boys had to meet a little early for pictures so I took my time getting ready.  =)  The wedding itself was at an old barn.  So cute!  The ceremony was adorable.  They quoted Dr. Seuss, sang an Adam Sandler song, wrote sweet vows, and laughed.  Just plain ole cute!  =)  The party was fabulous!  The food was great! 

The trip was great, but two days is about the max for leaving my kiddos.  I was ready to see them (though I did enjoy some alone time with D, which we don't often get).  Unfortunately, both of my girls contracted a stomach virus on Saturday/Sunday, so they were sick all night.  I HATE not being with them when they're sick.  :(  But, I'm very fortunate they were with their Nana who took great care of them.  She is such a trooper!  Everyone seems to be on the mend now, thankfully!  Got a busy week ahead, so I'm praying D & I don't catch the lovely bug!  Got a dental appointment tomorrow followed by a job interview.  Lots going on.....


  1. That sounds like a fun trip. I've always wanted to stay at a B&B!

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