Under Construction!

I apologize if you have been checking in the past week and the blog looks different every time.  I'm trying to find the perfect look.  I found one I really liked, but the side bars weren't in the right place.  The template I'm using now I really love, but as you can probably see, most of my widgets and info is at the bottom.  There are several issues with the template itself.  So.... I'm going to bed now because I'm super tired.  As soon as I get some more time, I'll come back and work on it some more.  In the meantime, you can still read my posts and I can still get your comments.  You just never know what this place is going to look like when you stop by.  :-)

*UPDATE* as of 8/10/12
I'm still trying to get this thing working.  I found this great template that I really like.... except I haven't figured out how to change the photos in the slide show to my own photos.  SOOOO... please disregard the photos at the top until I can get it figured out!!  THANKS!

*UPDATE* as of 8/11/12
I finally got the photos changed, but as you can see -- they're all tiled.  I've played with the pics, changed dimensions, etc.  It's driving me BONKERS!  I'm gonna keep playing around with it before giving up on this template because I really like it.  And, I'm learning a lot more about html coding.  =)

*FINAL UPDATE* 11:12pm
It is DONE!  Thanks to my wonderful hubby and a whole lot of learning codes and such.... I do believe the slide show is done.  Now, I do plan to change the pics up, but at least now I know how to do it!!  Yippee!!   Let me know what you think about the new blog!  I know there were a few of you that said you couldn't read the old one very well on your iPads, so hopefully this will help!!  Night, Night!


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