Facebook Hiatus

Facebook.  Friend or Foe?  Let me tell you what I like about it.  What I love the most is being able to stay in daily contact with close family and friends that live far away.  That is the point of Facebook, right?  I have thoroughly enjoyed getting reconnected with friends from childhood, teachers, family friends, kids I've babysat, students I've taught, and even my own babysitter when I was a child.  It's exciting to get a friend request.  I love to watch friends' children grow up through the years.  Behind my screen I rejoice over babies that are born, mourn over losses, and celebrate victories with friends.  I laugh out loud at silly videos and pictures.  And, I must admit that I, if it isn't obvious from my Facebook page, thoroughly enjoy posting my own photos & stories of my family.

Now let me share with you what I don't like about Facebook.  I don't like the foulness that comes from many people.  I don't like the judgement I often feel from others when I share my opinion.  It hurts my heart when I hear such negativity.  I hate that I allow myself to be so consumed with it.  I have a difficult time staying silent sometimes.  And, I despise that I have allowed it to take so much of my time.

I've often thought about walking completely away, but then I remember why I love it so.  I realize there is a need for boundaries.  I've recently read so many hurtful posts and I've allowed it to affect me negatively.  Yesterday as I was laid up in bed sick, I spent a considerable amount of time on FB.  There were so many things I wanted to say, but had a hard time deciding what was most appropriate.  With the presidential elections coming up, I have incredibly strong opinions about things and I may have an even more difficult time restraining myself.  I don't want to ever hurt my witness by making the wrong choices or saying the wrong thing.  

As I went to bed last night, God clearly spoke that it was time to take a break.  My time needs to be used in a more effective way - one being making more time for Him.  He reaffirmed that need for me this morning when I opened up my devotional to today's date.  It read:  "Watch your words diligently.  Words have such great power to bless or to wound.  When you speak carelessly or negatively, you damage others as well as yourself.  This ability to verbalize is an awesome privilege, granted only to those created in My Image.  You need help in wielding this mighty power responsibly."  The scripture references were Proverbs 12:18, James 1:19, Ephesians 4:29  

For this reason, I will be taking an extended break from Facebook.  Not gonna lie - it will be difficult to stay away.  I love reading the daily status updates and posts from friends.  I hope to hear from you guys while I'm away!


  1. I am so right with you on this struggle. I have started just scrolling past those posts that start with a rant and move on down to the happier stuff. I want to see pictures and hear all the funny stories about my friends kids. Not caring so much for the political and religious debates!

  1. I hear ya! After a three year break, I rejoined FB last week.

    I'm already seeing some of the same stuff I saw before. And it doesn't make me happy. But I'm staying out of other folks' business and keeping my page free of controversy. NOT because I'm afraid to speak my mind, but because I don't want to get into a flame war on FB that can be misinterpreted or used to hurt others.

    I'd rather have deep conversations in person, face to face. Know what I mean?

    I do, however, post links to my blog. If someone wants to comment on the link or go to my blog and start a converstion there, that's fine.

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