Shopped til We Dropped

Have you ever had this sudden urge out of the blue, don't know where it's coming from, but you just go with it?  We totally went with it today.  Audrey loves to get those free pamphlets from Hobby Lobby on how to make stuff.  We were going through them today and one of them jumped out at me:

This was our inspiration! Audrey & I started planning out a backyard transformation.  Our yard is just so blah.  We took the swing set down last year because it was no longer safe, but we had intentions of building a playhouse in its place.  We have the hardwood flooring for it... but that's as far as it has gotten.  So... in the interim, we're going to go for a garden/tea party look in the back.  Maybe the girls will want to spend more time back there.  :)  Here's our starting point:

We've got big plans!  We headed out to check the new Goodwill down the street.  It was awesome!  So clean and organized.  Happy place!  We found a really nice wooden table, chair, & storage bench set.  It was a high quality material, really heavy.  But, it had been quite loved.  (Lots of tape, writing, and nail polish):

We sanded it down this afternoon and added the first coat of paint.  We're using the inspiration color palette from above.  On the table I actually did green chalkboard paint.  Here's stage 1:

We'll be adding green to the rails on the back of the chair,
but we have to finish the body first and then tape it up to add the third color.
May also change the pink because its not quite as dark as I wanted.

The orange looks yellow here, but it is a little lighter in person.
We also stocked up on some super cute outdoor accessories like this (all 40% off, I might add):

We also have a birdhouse (of course) and other goodies.  I can't wait to get it all put together!  In the meantime, check out my sweet (and very serious) helper:

And, finally, a bonus buy.  No idea why I bought it, but it spoke to me.  LOL  It is an old school slide screen that Audrey called a "T.V. from the 90's".  Nice!  I think it calls for some backyard movie watching!  Do you guys have any ideas to share?!


  1. janet said...:

    Very nice daughter . I don't know where you got all of those creative genes but I wish you'd share ! lol

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