End of Year Special

Whew.  Where did this week go?  And, where did that storm that just blew in come from?  What a weird week!  Speaking of.... Maddie was sitting in the van on the way to school Monday morning and said, "This makes me feel weird.  I like weird."  So, there you have it.  It's a weird week and we like it!

The rainbow after the surprise storm.
I decided to let Audrey have the whole week off from school this week.  (How many times can I say 'week' in one post?!)  There was just way too much going on.  We had several End of the Year events happening with Maddie's school, church activities, book fairs, etc.  And, honestly, I needed the break and "recharge" myself.  We're not completely taking the summer off from school.  We're going to finish up projects that we didn't do, a few workbooks, and just keep plugging along.  We won't start any new curriculum until August though.  I'm also researching a few new things to try for next year.  

I absolutely cannot believe that Maddie's last day of preschool is tomorrow.  I remember when Audrey was in that class and Maddie was a baby.  Now she's finishing up and before we know it, she'll also be moving on to second grade.  Sad thought, too, is we'll never have a chance to have Mrs. Kelly again (love her!).  We have decided to keep Maddie at the private school one more year.  She'll do Pre-K there Tues-Fri mornings.  The days are not as long as GA PreK and she should be reading when she enters Kindergarten, hopefully.  I'm excited about our decision.  We'll start homeschooling her in kindergarten.

Silly girl in the jumpy house.

Can't believe it's almost time for PreK!

Her BFF!  They adore each other!
I held my Usborne Open House on Tuesday.  It went super!  We really had a fun day.  I thoroughly enjoyed having so many friends over throughout the day, as did the girls.  When there wasn't anyone over, the girls and I were either looking through the books ourselves or working on art projects from some of the books.  As an added bonus, I've earned enough hostess credits for $180 worth of free books AND I can purchase $125 at half price.  I do believe we will be getting most of our "wish list".  I'm telling ya... if you need/want some books... you can't beat the new consultant bonus.  (Anyone that hosts a show for me in my first 12 weeks - which will end the first week of July - receives double hostess credits!!  That's how I'm getting so much.)  And, I LOVE these books.  I borrowed 3 boxes of books from my supervisor to show at the Open House and my entire family has really enjoyed them.

I guess I will call this post "done".  I'm going to go to bed and fall asleep to the thunder and rain!


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