Spring Has Sprung

Well, it is officially spring here, though it certainly doesn't feel like it.  Looks like it may be a weekend of cold and rain.  Thankfully, all of our weekend activities are inside!

Tonight was the the final performance of Beauty and the Beast.  This is the third year that I have had the opportunity to write and teach the choreography for the Conservatory's musical productions.  This one is definitely my favorite!  I'm really proud of the kids and the whole show in general!

A friend at the show asked me how I got nvolved in choreography and I've been reflecting on that a lot  tonight.  I am so thankful for the gifts that God has given me. What an honor to serve Him doing something so fun and enjoyable.  I never would have dreamed that 20+ years of marching band and Colorguard would lead to a ministry like this!

I truly believe God gives each of us certain gifts to use for His glory.  There are those that are called to serve in the trenches, in the plains of Africa, and in the streets - just to name a few.  Each job is important no matter how big or how small.

What joy it is to sing, help lead in worship, and travel with my closest friends.  Each "concert", mission trip, and opportunity to share in song is a special gift.  Every dance step, movement, and  rehearsal in theater, cheerleading, and children's choir is ordained by God Himself.  What an honor that He chose me as a vessel to deliver His message through these unique opportunities.  I am so unworthy to have such skills and responsibilities, but I'm very grateful for each and every one.

Amid the busy weekend of theater performances, I also went to a cheerleading coaches conference.  It was a great time of reflection on our past season and rejuvenation for the upcoming season.  One thing I walked away with was the realization of just how important my role is, not necessarily as a skills teacher, but as a spiritual example and leader.  These are huge responsibilities.  Please pray with me for each little girl that comes through our program!


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