Family Time

***Note*** No idea what's going on with my pics.  They're uploading weird.  :/

We're on our last night of our mini-vaca.  It has been so nice and relaxing.  We really should do this more often.  :)

We started our morning yesterday with a visit to a local coffee shop for breakfast followed by a walk around downtown Helen.  We visited some cool little shops and checked out the river.  Afterwards we went on our first trip horseback riding.  The weather was perfect!  The view was amazing!  I was so proud of Audrey.  She has been asking to ride for a long time.  She's usually pretty timid about trying new things, but she hopped right up on the horse by herself.  She rode the entire trail by herself.  She was definitely in her element!

Afterwards, we went to a local festival where we rode a horse drawn carriage, ate BBQ, saw lambs, played with a pig, and pet more horses.  Then we went back to the cabin so the girls could play in the stream.  We watched Captain America and turned in early.  Ahhhh....  There is a flowing stream right outside the bedroom window so it constantly sounds like rain.  That is the most relaxing way to sleep - ever!!

Window shopping down town
Audrey with our guide, Lloyd.
Our family after horseback riding.
The girls enjoying the stream at the cabin.

Today we went out to the Cabbage Patch Babyland General Hospital.  We had been to the old facility when I was pregnant with Maddie.  We went there in preparation for the new baby and Audrey got to adopt a baby of her own.  It was a great experience!  Today we went to the new facility.  It was less "museum" like and more super store, but we really enjoyed it.  And, yes, each girl got to adopt a baby - and we still came out half of what we paid the first trip.  The first time we went, I didn't ask how much it cost because I figured it was just the cost of a baby doll.  Um... no. We did the whole adoption out of the cabbage patch with a "delivery nurse" and the whole experience.  Imagine my surprise when we went to pay and it was $200!  I promise you, we did not do that this time.  I knew better.  Hahaha!!  And, the girls enjoyed it just the same by picking their own baby from the patch.  ;)

After the Cabbage Patch, we went to some local shops and antique stores.  We came in early so the girls could play in the stream & rocks.  We've been playing games and watching movies ever since. I'm looking forward to a great night of sleep - with an extra hour to boot!

So, it's back to reality tomorrow.  It's gonna be another crazy week filled with rehearsals, school, competition, etc.  I'm so grateful for the great weekend of rest.  I'm recharged and ready to hit the new week head on!


  1. I'm loving the cabin by the stream. We might have to check that out someday!

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