Homeschool Fun

Just wanted to share some photos from yesterday and today.  We're enjoying our week so far.  :)
Our first field trip with FCHE.  

Her sweet friend from church is in the same home school group.

She wanted to write Thank You notes to the fire fighters and her science teacher.  I thought it was a great way to practice her writing since she is so resistant to it.  

And she drew pictures on the back. =)

Fun times this morning.  We spent almost all day in pj's.  

Sweet girls hard at work.  =)


  1. How fun!!! So the group is going well so far?

  1. Kim said...:

    Yes! This is our first week as active members and so far so good! Monday was a trip to the fire station and Friday we're going to a park for a Weather workshop. :) Audrey & Derek will be going to the Father/Daughter dance the end of this month. So sweet!!

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