In Our Class

Here are a few pictures of things we're trying this year.  So far they're working pretty well!

These are our workboxes.  I fill each box at night with her daily assignments for the next morning.  She works through them one at a time.  It lets her see what she has accomplished and what still needs to be done.  It helps me organize all of her assignments and make sure that we get through everything.  The boxes are just the right size to hold her books, worksheets, supplies, etc.

These are our rules.  I had an old frame and left over material from recovering her desk chair.  I just put the material in, printed out our classroom "rules", and taped them on!

This is our reward system.  We bought some colorful rocks from Michael's.  I already had a cute glass vase.  She sets a personal goal she wants to work for (right now she's working towards a new game for her V-Tech).  She earns rocks for completing her assignments &chores,  for not whining, for going above and beyond, etc.  Once she fills the vase, she earns her new game.  I figure she'll earn something once or twice a semester.
One more thing we do that I need to get a picture of, is a red/yellow/green light for behavior.  I just cut out a circle of red, yellow, and green cardstock and glued it to a black rectangle cardstock to look like a stop light.  I laminated it.  (I made one light for each girl.)  Then I took a picture of each girl and laminated them.  I added velcro stickers to the back and attached it to the "light".  The goal is stay on the green light.  If we have issues throughout the day and their picture makes it to red, they lose their outside play time with neighbors.  (I'm sure the consequences will change, but right now this is the "biggie".)  Yellow is seen as a serious warning.  So far nobody has made it to red!  =)


  1. I read a little about workboxes a few weeks ago on a blog. (maybe confessions of a homeschooler?) Anyways, I think it's a really cool concept.

    Love all the other stuff you did too. I can't wait to see the stoplight.

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